Nine Music Craftsmen Named After Attire

Continuously an agonizing endeavor, my bi-yearly outing to pay my protection bill had a charming result today. A discussion with my operator about music, incited by the tee shirt I was wearing, facilitated the way that right around three thousand dollars would be deducted from my officially small investment funds.

Since he perceived the Elvis Costello collection spread on my chest, the operator revealed to me he preferred a large portion of the early records like My Point Is Valid, Military and Get Cheerful. He at that point clarified that he once played drums in an Elvis Costello spread band, and he specifically wanted to play "Viewing the Investigators."

That long wiped out band endured only a couple of months, he stated, and to the extent he knew there were no other such gatherings around.

When I returned home I made a fruitless web look for that band, which he had distinguished as The Red Shoes after a standout amongst Costello's most well known attributes.

That name made me consider different gatherings who alluded to themselves as pieces of attire or accesories. Here are the nine I came up wth.

Plain White T's

The pop quintet hit it enormous with "Hello Delilah" and they have been discharging power pop records like Huge Awful World from that point onward.

The Jo Fighters

"Just Lucked out" has suffered as their most unmistakable tunes, huge numbers of which shimmer with that New Wave sheen from the Eighties.

Hollywod Argyles

Singles like the one about a stone age man named Rear way Oop made a star of this person whose name is related with socks.

Los Straightjackets

These folks were the prevailing instrumental guitar band of the Nineties, turning out collections mixing metal, rockabilly and jazz.


Denim would appear an almost certain jeans material to motivate a band name, yet this corrosive jazz group of four went with a much heavier material.

The Cardigans

Nina Persson fronted this Swedish band who had steady diagram accomplishment in the late Nineties, beaten by "Lovefool."

The Hallucinogenic Hides

PETA probably won't be huge fanatics of these "Lovely In Pink" artists if their name did to be sure allude to apparel or something to be worn.

Brilliant Hoop

"Radar Love" made the Best Ten" however the Dutch rockers needed to hold up an additional twenty years to achieve that mark once more, when they scored with "A Twilight Zone."

Boots Randolph

Saxophone was moderately obscure in blue grass music before Randolph demonstrated Nashville that metal could improve honky tonk tunes.