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The title track of the Outlaw collection by the Birds was never discharged as a solitary, despite the fact that it showed up in the Best 500 tunes ever distributed by Moving Stone magazine.
Adding to its everlasting status was the way that the tune was an attention on a scene of Seinfeld, a show about various types of singles. 

It makes a perfect tune for Western shows or movies, as its symbolism delineates cowhand subjects like riding, playing a game of cards, and resting outside. 

The Bandit collection spread even demonstrates the gathering's individuals wearing clothing that one may connect with the individuals who take a shot at the range. 

Glenn Frey and Wear Henley, the two writers of the hit, have conceded that the tune did not depend on any of the legends of the Old West. 

In any case, there are a lot of melodies which do make reference to popular individuals related with that topic, and here are ten. 

1.John Wesley Harding by Sway Dylan 

This title track to the follow up of Blonde On Blonde respects a bandit much the same as Robin Hood, who takes from the affluent while offering budgetary help to poor tenant farmers. 

2.Pretty Kid Floyd by Woody Guthrie 

Dylan was most likely roused by this tune from his people icon, for the title character performed comparative deeds to those of Harding. 

3.Straight to the point and Jesse James by Warren Zevon 

These two amazing siblings are the subjects of a melody that showed up on Zevon's self-titled collection, discharged a couple of years before he hit the Best Ten with "Werewolves Of London" and Edgy Kid. 

4.Song of Billy the Child by Billy Joel 

Piano Man is the collection most connected with the pop legend, and this is only one of the exemplary tunes which it generated. 

5.Horse Bill's Regret by Wear McLean 

This track from his self-titled follow up to American Pie fills in as a kind of melodic friend to the great E.E. Cummings sonnet "Wild ox Bill's Old," which examines the debasing change from a genuine cattle rustler to one who simply goes about as one. 

6.Pancho and Lefty by Townes Van Zandt
The people musician delights the West legend from Mexico, Pancho Manor.
I Feel Like a Shot (In the Firearm of Robert Passage) by Elton John
The man in the caption is the James Posse part who shot and executed Jesse, subsequently filling in as the embodiment of the treachery of a supposed companion.

7.Roy Rogers by Elton John 

Reginald Dwight recognized the artist before he received his now well known alias, the subject of this tune from Farewell Yellow Block Street had the original name of Len Slye. 

8. Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott? by the Statler Siblings

A few of the Hollywood Old West stars are named in this nation exemplary, including Lash LaRue, Quality Autrey and Tex Ritter.

9.Annie Get Your Weapon by Crush

Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook figured out how to pay respect to the most renowned female in the Old West, the Ohio young lady nicknamed Annie Oakley.